Best New Age Pet Crate & New Age Pet Ecoflex for Large Dog [2019]

Best New Age Pet Crate & New Age Pet Ecoflex for Large Dog [2019]

New Age Pet Crate & New Age Pet Ecoflex for Large Dog [2019]

The New Age Pet Crate for Large Dog Habitat ‘n Home InnPlace Crate/Table is large in size and a durable dog crate because it is constructed from polymers which are compositely blended to form ecoFLEX. Of all the synthetic products of similar use, ecoFLEX is the safest and long lasting product.

The beauty of this dog crate is that while in the house. It can serve as a table, though mission style. While at the same time providing comfort and safety for your dog. The locks on the front door can be latched securely and are not easily opened even if the dog decides to be as violent as possible.

In tandem with raised double diner and my buddy bunk trademarks, the dog crate has espresso and chestnut finishes. For $204, one year of warranty and choice between small medium and large sizes, the New Age Pet Habitat ‘n Home InnPlace Crate/Table is a great deal for a dog crate.

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New Age Pet Crate & New Age Pet Ecoflex Habitat ‘n Home InnPlace Crate/Table, Large Dog Crate specifications

  39 pounds and up to 50 pounds shipping weight. This makes it suitable for pets with up to 100 pounds of weight.

  35.4” x 24” x 28” standard dimensions. Several other sizes are available.

  The small size for less than 20lbs dogs measures 18 ½ x23 5/8 x 22 inches, the medium size for dos up to 50lbs measures 21 ½ x 29 ½ x 25 3/16 inches and the large size for dogs up to 100 lbs measuring 24 x 35 3/8 x 28 inches. The ecoFLEX material is thick but not too much as it still leaves enough internal dimension space.

  Price ranges from 91.95 for the small size to 200 dollars for the large sized dog crates.

  Finished in chestnut or espresso color

  Wooden and plastic which blends easily with most internal décor beating the ugly metallic designed dog crates

  Made from ecoFLEX which is composed of blended polymers. The tough plastic is renewable and hence eco-friendly.

  Easily assembled with no tools and in a short time period.

  Built in floor with size that fits common cushion sizes.

New Age Pet Crate & New Age Pet Ecoflex Habitat ‘n Home InnPlace Crate/Table, Large Dog Crate Reviews

When I first bought this dog crate, I was not so much convinced that recycled plastic, though not flaky, could be that strong. So I ended up standing on it to test its strength and it is no surprise that it did not break. The keyholes and the studs interlock automatically.

This dog crate presents no installation difficulty which takes like 3 minutes or so since no tools are needed for the job. The table top of the dog crate is one thing that most people will find useful in the house. The finish, which can be espresso or chestnut, blends easily with most house decor.

About the construction material, I am positive New Age Pet Ecoflex is better than other materials. For one it is beautiful than metal and in addition, it lasts longer than wooden designed dog crates which greatly decreases environmental degradation.

New Age Pet Ecoflex Habitat ‘n Home Indoor Pet Crate, Small, Chestnut Dog Crate Reviews

If you are in need of a dog crate with a medium size containment space for your lovely pet as well as a coffee table then your best bet is the small Chestnut New Age Pet Eco Habitat ‘n Home Indoor Pet Crate. This dog crate is better used with small to medium sized dogs.

The look is beautiful with chestnut brown colour finish that complements not only the furniture in the room but also the interior decor.

This is also compounded by the fact that it is better looking than dog crates made from metal, wire and other synthetic plastics though it is not actually made of wood but New Age Pet Eco flex. Only the back, top and the floor of this crated is solid with the other having several openings for ventilation, comfort and most importantly visibility access for the dog who is able to interact with the room from the dog crate.

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New Age Pet Ecoflex Habitat ‘n Home Indoor Pet Crate, Dog Crate specifications

  Measures 23.6 by 18.1 by 22 inches for the most common size which is preferable for small to medium dogs of up to 50 lbs. Other sizes like small and large are available.

  Weighs 22 pounds and up to 22 pounds when shipped. This means it can accommodate small to medium weight pets of up to 50 lbs.

  Built with mission style and chestnut brown colour finish. Espresso colours are also available.

  It has a built in floor that comfortably accommodates common cushion sizes

  Made from New Age Pet Ecoflex. A recyclable and environment friendly plastic that has been made from recycled polymers. Wood fibers that have been recycled.

  Completely assembled and there is absolutely no equipment and extra time that is needed to set it up. For 137.68 dollars as listed in Amazon. The pricing is competitive enough for the value that you will receive from this dog crate.

New Age Pet Ecoflex Habitat ‘n Home Indoor Pet Crate, Small, Chestnut Dog Crate Review

I would definitely vouch for anybody to buy the small. Chestnut New Age Pet Ecoflex Habitat ‘n Home Indoor Pet Crate. Most importantly, the beautiful look of the dog crate easily complemented my furniture and interior decor.

The materials used are not flaky fiberboards since eco-Flex is made up of recyclable polymers. Which are blended with wood fibers. This is also good for the environmental awareness cause. I use this dog crate as a table.

I put books on the table. It can be used for a wide variety of things like you can place a plant on top. Or lamp or any materials in the room that you need to access easily. This dog crate is also easily cleanable.

The floor plate can be removed and cleaned. The whole body can be broken down and cleaned part by part. On the flipside, if you have a bigger dog, weighing more than 50lbs. Then this dog crate is not recommended. Any violent dog can easily break the dog crate, even so, small violent dogs who are not crate trained can also chew it down.


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