The Best Petmate Dog Crate Reviews & Buying Guide [2019]

The Best Petmate Dog Crate Reviews & Buying Guide [2019]

Petmate Dog Crate 21647 Pet Porter Fashion Dog Crate, Giant, Dark Gray Review

Have you ever wanted a dog crate to use for travelling around on road or air? Then the giant, dark grey Petmate dog crate 21647 Pet Porter Fashion Dog Crate is the best bet. It is the perfect dog crate that meets the requirements of most airlines ands can also fit on the car seat perfectly for road usage.

In addition, this dog crate can be used for visit to the veterinary office and for light travel to your friends. The fashion dog crate from Petmate dog crate is made from a plastic shell that is heavy duty and finished with plastic wing nuts and wire doors.

Pets weighing up to 50 lbs and 34 inches tall can be used with this dog crate. Because of its easy portability, the pricing of 229.99 dollars as listed on Amazon is competitive enough compared tow other similar dog crates. Most

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Petmate 21647 Pet Porter Fashion Petmate dog crate, Giant, Dark Gray Specifications

  Weighing approximately 51.6 pounds which means it can be used by dogs weighing up to 50 lbs. However it is recommended that you only use it with small to medium dogs weighing 20 lbs or slightly more.

  The following pets can be used with the dog crate; Irish Setters, Doberman Pinchers, Bullmastiffs, Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards among others.

  The most common product dimensions are 48 by 32 by 35 inches. The combined size and the manageable weight makes this Petmate dog crate the best for light travel to vet appointments or other offices either in the car, on foot or by air. Specifically, it meets most airline requirements for pets and luggage

  Made from plastic shell that is long lasting given that it is heavy duty. In addition, it is recyclable which makes it environment friendly.

  The wingnuts are made from plastic and the door is meshed which gives you pet ventilation and the requisite visibility to interact with the surroundings.

  Provides the best security and comfort for your dog during travel.

Review for Petmate dog crate 21647 Pet Porter Fashion Dog Crate, Giant, Dark Gray

I had been looking around for a dog crate for my young German shepherd for quite sometime. And preferred a closed crate that is quite easy to carry around. After scouring several dog crates, I was pleased with Pet Porter Fashion Dog Crate form Petmate. Because of its space saving design and the fact that it is allowed by most airlines.

It is quite easy to use this Petmate dog crate even for car travel as it fits on my Nissan saloon nicely. My German pet has undergone a crate training. And is quite at home in the Petmant porter.

The height at 35 inches and 48 inches of length is quite great for my dog. Though am quite worried that in the future I will need a bigger crate or stop carrying my pet altogether. One thing that this company should work on is the lock of this dog crate. Which easily unlatched the first time my dog aggressed on it.


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