Best Precision Pet Dog Crate Reviews & Buying Guide [2019]

Best Precision Pet Dog Crate Reviews & Buying Guide [2019]

Precision Pet Dog Crate Two-Door Great Crate, Black Dog Crate Reviews

Owning a pet dog is a beautiful thing not unless you have a safe territory, like the black precision pet dog crate two-door great dog crate where you can lock it up if need be. Unlike other dog crates, you pet will have the privilege of seeing whatever is going on around it private retreat.

This precision pet dog crate provides ventilation, security, safety, comfort and most importantly visual access to your dog given that it is a wired kennel with rounded corners and closer meshed design.

This precision pet dog crate has two compartments with two doors that can be adjusted if need be, like when the puppy grows in size beyond a single compartment. The plastic pan on which it rests is leak proof and provides a resting comfort for your dog. For only $105.87, this dog crate is worth more than its pricing.

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Precision Pet Dog Crate Two-Door Great Crate, Black Dog Crate specifications

  Black in color.

  Measures 42” by 28” by 31” for the large size which is the most common.

  Other sizes available are x-small 19” x 12” x 15”, small size 24” x 18” x 20”, medium size 30” x 19” x 22”, medium-large size 36” x 23” x 26” and the largest jumbo size measuring 48” x 30” x 33”.

  Size 5000

  Weighs 8 pounds and 43.5 pounds when shipped. Suits dogs up to 90 pounds for example the Rottweilers

  The kennel is of meshed design and can easily assembled and broken down for movement or setup. The mesh improves ventilation and allows your pet visibility of the surroundings.

  Purchase includes divider panel, removing floor (plastic pan) and a training guide for you pet. The plastic pan is washable.

  Double doors, one on the side and another in front of the dog crate

  Durable because of the metallic materials used and the finishing, black epoxy.

  Built with close wire spacing with rounded corners that that gives it enough security and strength to prevent breakage when the dog charges on it.

  The latches are of dead bolt style which makes the precision pet dog crate completely secure.

Precision Pet Two-Door Great Crate, Black Precision Pet Dog Crate Reviews

I have used the precision pet dog crate Two-Door Great Crate. Black on two puppies and would give this dog crate 4 stars based on its two door design, quality and durability. Chrome finish and easy portability. The carry handle is strong. And gives the balance that is required to transport the dog crate.

On quality, this dog crate is a brand of Precision. Who are well known for their durability and quality of products. The wires used in the construction of the precision pet dog crate are thick. And fixed narrowly that even the most violent of dogs cannot break through. There are cushion pads which easily fit into the designated sizes of this dog crate.

On the flip side, the easiness of assembling the dog crate gives it a weakness. If not properly installed, an active dog can charge with it leave alone taking advantage of the weak points to get out of the precision pet dog crate Two-Door Great dog Crate, Black.


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